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Founded in 1992, FONRAY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is an experienced and leading valves manufacturer in pneumatic field. Our main goals are provide customers high quality products at competitive prices. To achieve our goal, we have patented the ISO9001 Registration and CE certification. We also do our best to make innovations in our products in order to offer high qualities and outstanding designs to customers.

FONRAY supplies plenty of pneumatic products throughout the world, such as solenoid valves, air cylinders, pneumatic units, fittings & tubes, vacuum ejectors, pilot check valves, and so on. Please browse our website for details or contact us directly.

Some products and their advantages are introduced as below:

  • Pneumatic Fitting: Our air fittings differ from other company's fittings. In generally, air fittings can only be used in PU tube. We use viton seal rings instead of air seal rings, so the fitting can be used in the air, oil and water medium with PU tube and Nylon tube.

  • The 4V solenoid valve: We use Japanese seal ring and metal piston instead of plastic piston. Unlike other companies, they usually use plastic piston. Our working valve is quicker and only weighed 0.5 kg, so the axle center will work smoother. Our valve has long service life, too.

  • The FSY solenoid valve: We use the coil with only 0.15W electric current. It can reach the need of high frequency users that is not easy to get heat.